RA RA FLOWER'S BED Installation - PIP / CITYSONICS #11 Mons(BE) - 2013
Sound Installation for 12 channel and 48 loud-speakers.
A carpet of artificial flowers plays the sheet music of a summertime meadow rich in insects. The audio sources mix real acoustic recordings of european entomofauna to electronically generated sounds as 'virtual insects'. Creating a confusion about the origins of sound, we cannot distinguish clearly what is from a natural source or electronic. These small transducers “flower speakers” are planted on their metal rods and arranged in a falsely disorganized way.

RAISING SHEEP Installation - PIP / WEYA Nottingham (UK) - 2012
Sound Installation for helium balloons and sheep bells. Version 0
In 2010, I spent a month in a small village perched on a hillside and lulled by the wind in Aragon (Spain). Every night, we heard more or less distinctly the sweet sound of bells when the sheep were returning to the fold on the other side of the valley. This installation try to reactivate the memory of this sound atmosphere, in a poetic and humoristic way, by raising bells with bunches of balloons that recall by their shape a flock of sheep or some clouds ...

Dry, Wet, Evergreen excerpt - 2'10" DRY, WET, EVERGREEN Installation/live - Gaîté Lyrique Paris - 2012
Dry, Wet, Evergreen is a contemplative immersion in the jungles of Central America. From the cloud forest to coastal rainforest, trough dry tropical forest and mangrove, I have recorded the different ecosystems of the protected areas of Costa Rica with a quadraphonic system, a parabolic microphone and an hydrophone ...This multichannel installation was first created and adapted in 9.1 channels for the 'Chambre sonore' of the "Gaîte Lyrique" in Paris in 2012. Initial duration was about 19mn but adapted for multichannel live performances up to 35 min. A part of this work was also released in stereo on the 'Sempervirent' CD by Gruenrekorder. Review by Cheryl Tipp (Wildlife Sounds Curator at the British Library) here.


Gate of Tales excerpt - 2'06" GATE OF TALES Installation - PIP / WEYA Nottingham (UK) - 2012
Video/sound Installation created and performed in full collaboration with visual artist Yoko FUKUSHIMA in Nottingham Castle. The video was taking place inside a stone arch above a closed metal door. Audience has to approach the curve of the arch to hear the sound and view the image in a vertical sens (the stairs facing you and above). The sound was spreaded around the arch and the speakers hidden behind the door. The tangles of whispers in many languages, reminding Babel's, were related to personal and intimate part of life of the contributors. With kind contributions of (Voices):
Julia ROCHA (BZ), Kazia OZGA (PL/USA), WEN CHIN FU (TW/NL) Eduardo FUKUSHIMA (BZ), Elisa Fernandez ARTETA (SP), Belén PATON (SP), Claudio STELLATO (IT).


Lighthouse jingles excerpt - 1'08" LIGHTHOUSE Installation - CitySonic #8 Mons (BE) - 2010
As global warming hits the world, let us refresh the city sweltering in a heat wave, by bringing the sea to the main square, la Grande Place, of Mons. The bell tower, the main tower of the square is turned into a lighthouse and serves as a reminder against our collective amnesia. Every 2 hours, instead of the usual bell toll, the tower rings out the sounds of harbour, boat and fishing village ambiances. The nine different jingles are based on my field recordings and other elements played randomly through a Pure Data programme developped by Thomas Thiery.

SOUND DELTA WILD Installation/Iphone Application
Exposition Naturel Brut - Buttes-Chaumont Paris - 2010

For the International Year of Biodiversity, and the Naturel Brut WWF's exhibition, the MU Collective asked me to coordinate the first edition of 'Sound Delta Wild', an artistic and educational project based on a geolocation sound application for iphones, which gives listeners an audio map and virtual guide to different species of birds which can be found living in les Buttes-Chaumont,
a manmade park built in the North West of Paris. The application offers users not only a guide to bird-listening, but several electroacoustic compositions and field recordings created and mapped with Philip Griffiths.The majority of the bird songs were given to us by the Centre Ornithologique et de Recherche d'Ile de France. As a part of this project we also conducted a week long sound workshop for local kids in collaboration with Mains d'Oeuvres'. Sound Delta Wild received the Innovation (Creativity/Mobility) award by the Bains Numériques Festival. '  

Awhale-Part 1 excerpt- 3'07"' :
Collaboration with Guillaume AUBRY - Beaux-Arts de Paris - 2010

For the exhibition ''Seven Days week End' organised by ENSBA Paris, LaSalle School of the Arts - Singapore and the Royal College of Art - London, Guillaume Aubry invited me to interact with his installation 'a rope, a whale, a moutain'. The intervention was divided into two parts; before the opening, I composed a 20 min electroacoustic soundtrack using only the elements found and recorded in-situ. And for the actual opening, I performed with a selection of found objects, the acoustics of the space, mixed with the composed soundtrack.

Growl's Growlth - Instal. excerpt - 1'54" GROWL'S GROWLTH Installation in collaboration with Yoko FUKUSHIMA
Festival CitySonic #7 Mons (BE) - 2009

A living sound installation and allegory, seen through the animal world, of the problems of sustainable development and resource management. Enclosed in a perspex sealed box are a community of flies and maggots, that grow in this closed environment with one major, but non renewable resource: 300 g of meat. This microcosm of the process of evolution exists through the sounds it generates: sensors and microphones make the hum of growth audible. As the visitor approaches the box the volume increases, creating a sense of oppression for the visiting public.

Excerpt1 Vidéo   Excerpt2 Vidéo
QUI M'AIME ME SUIVE Residence/Live Performance - Montpellier - 2009
Comissionned by the Trioletto Theatre in Montpellier as a work in progress residence. "Qui M'aime Me Suive" was a video show that aimed to give a didactic approach to architecture and the architectural collective START XXI. The installation included a 180° cyclorama screen, various video techniques and on stage video mapping. I accompagnied the show with a 20 min quadrophonic soundtrack and background live sound based on piezo sensors hidden in the venue and differents feedback loops that played with the acoustics of the place.

satsuma no fusghigi - 6'50" :
SATSUMA NO FUSHIGI Sound piece - Festival Parisonic - 2010
In the province of Satsuma located between the rice fields you can witness the Shinto ceremonies that honour the kami, or the spirits of nature. Recorded near Kagoshima in Southern Kyushu in 2009 this piece revolves around artificial and natural opposites transposed here in drones created from recordings of voice. The piece was first played for the Parisonic Festival #1 Edition in Paris in May 2010.

64x1 - 64" :
64X1 Sound piece - 2009 - for "0000"
Artist Book International - Centre Pompidou - 2010
"0000 - Du LIVRE de Mallarmé au livre mal armé" is a curated event by Franck Ancel based on an unpublished manuscript of Stéphane Mallarmé. Sixty four artists were invited to create a 64 second track that was played randomly following a chess game combination.
This sound piece is a collage of 64*1 second of "sonic waste", or the useless silences recorded at the end or the beginning of a take, or while adjusting the faders levels before the real take...

Svisthov Report - 8'43" :
bye bye Svisthov 6am - 4'20" :
EUROPEAN SOUND DELTA Residence Among The Danube
To Ruse till Calafat (RO/BG) - 2008
European Sound Delta was a travelling artistic residency with 2 studio-boats that simultaneously navigated upstream on the Rhine and Danube rivers from the North Sea and the Black Sea to finally meet in Strasbourg. On board thirty international artists were invited to record their sound environment . At the end, the sound pieces created by the artists were played on a floating listening lounge during the festival 'Archipelago' along the Strasbourg canals. For this residency I worked with a quadriphonic portable recording setup Some of these undoctored field recordings were broadcast on Kunst Radio and also served for a piece with sound artist Kassel Jaeger. Some rough excerpts of my Danube recordings are available here on the ESD Blog.

Lighthouse jingles excerpt - 50' :

Mainichi Sound piece - spoken words: Yoko FUKUSHIMA
Journée de la création radiophonique - 2009
Electroacoustic & fields recording from Bulgaria and Japan 2008. The text, taken from a 'fait divers' in my neighborhood (the discovery of an abandoned cat in a box under a bus stop in the middle of the night) is recomposed as a cut-up, to give a confused and broken tale, with a voice in the distance, working with sound as a suite of dusty memories of the same story. First played for the Radiophonic Creation Day 2009.

Kuma Shiranaï - 5'34" :

Kuma Shiranaï Sound piece - Voice : Yoko FUKUSHIMA
Purpose magazine #8 - 2008
Contribution for the Childhood Issue of Purpose magazine. A broken toy piano, a music box, some crickets in the backyard...A nursery rhyme about japanese animals and the sound of their cry.

PAS SR Remix Sound piece - 2006 - Silence Radio
A short electroacoustic contribution to the beautiful online project Silence Radio.